Miyerkules, Pebrero 27, 2013

(Profit Clicking) Payment proof from my indonesian friend. Way to go

             I am planning to do my withdrawal this march or April since I's still compounding my account balance. Well my friend gave me this as proof of his earnings..

Sabado, Pebrero 23, 2013

(Profit Clicking) The new ad package system is on the move

New, Premium Ad Package System Coming!
Let's see whats included on this new profit clicking program.

Huwebes, Pebrero 21, 2013

(Profit Clicking) How does Gift cards work?

How Gift Cards Work?

This is one of the very first question we ask when this new feature appeared on profit clicking. Is this really beneficial?

(Profit Clicking) How does Gift cards work

How can we use this to maximize our earnings or help our new referrals get a chance to enjoy what we are enjoying. Let's take a look at a brief description on how this could benefit us.

Martes, Enero 8, 2013

(Profit clicking) extended profit clicking explosion

          You can still earn 3% daily earnings from ad packs purchased until January 15, 2013. This was the recent announcement made to members.

          Remember that you need to fund your wallet to avail of this. Compounded earnings are not accepted.

Sabado, Disyembre 29, 2012

(Profit Clicking) Paying or not?!

           There has been a hush about PC not paying its member or having this "selective" payments to members. This is what I had observed.

            Being a member of PC has been quite a great ride for me. Yes, there are some few bumps along the road (delays in daily earnings after profitshift), but it was all straightened out. I am receiving my daily commissions every 48 hours and there has been no delay since then.

            Furthermore, I noticed that there has been a huge difference on how the site works, making it more convenient for members to get instant support from their representatives and daily conferences. Mostly members who are not updated about what's going on or those who don't pay attention about incoming updates are the one bustling around bad aura on PC. There can be a shock factor though if you are not taking this seriously since updates can come anytime and it will surely affect you if you're not even paying attention.

            In this online business, you get to invest from your own pocket, which I find extremely important to know where your money goes and if other members are receiving payments indeed. So far, I have been able to withdraw huge amounts of money from PC without delays.

            It's true that there were issues about the shift from JBP to Profitclicking, and as far as PC is concerned, they have been fixing issues I submitted (tickets) and resolving it if there are discrepancies. This is really making a huge impact for me positively since I see an effort on their side to really make this program work.

            Hopefully, you guys are also doing good. Just maintain your daily clicks of 3 ads and compound your earnings if needed to increase daily commissions. If you need help from me, then join our team and we will help you with our techniques on how to make this simple but effective online program work on your side.


Martes, Disyembre 25, 2012

(Profit Clicking) OMG, withdrawed again for December 2012

Hello members of team dondie, Here is my latest earnings for the month of December 2012.
This is in Philippine currency, P15,000 pesos.

This is really legit guys so please keep on doing your own responsibility in maintaining your own account. If your a new member, this is to let you know that you need to invest an initial amount for this program to work on your side. If you need help investing, email me and I will help you fund your accounts. Join now and I'm sure after 5 months you will start earning like I do!

(profit clicking) Last day of the 3% ad packs

      Today will be the last day you can purchase the ad packs that will give you 3% daily earnings. As we all learn from my previous post, you can only enjoy the 3% as long as it's purchased using new funds. That means that the money should not come from your compounded earnings, it should come from your own.

      Don't give up! Purchase ad packs since this offer only comes after every profitshift which will take place 3-6 months from now. It's quite a long time to wait so don't miss this incredible offer.

      To those under my team, please don't forget to at least click 3 ads daily for your balance to reflect in your account. It seems that it is now reflecting normally, which is around 2 days or 48 hours. Unlike before that takes around 5 days. Please have patience, remember there's no such thing as easy money.

      Hopefully you will get to fulfill your dreams like I did.